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    • Fine Carbide Tools Pte Ltd
      Block 302, #01-06
      25B Loyang Crescent
      Singapore 506817
      Republic of Singapore
      Tel: (65) 6542-4111
      Fax: (65) 6542-4188
      Email: info@fct.com.sg

    • SUZHOU
    • Suzhou Fine Tech Tools Co., Ltd.
      Unit 101, Block 2, No. 88
      Wujiang Wubian Avenue
      Wujiang, Suzhou City
      Jiangsu, China PC215200
      Tel: (86) 512-6345 8605
      Fax: (65) 512-6345 9605
      Email: info@fct.com.sg

    • 優艺精密模具(苏州)有限工司
      江苏省 苏州市 吴江区
      吴江吴变大道 88号 2幢 101室
      中国 PC215200
      电话: (86) 512-6345 8605
      传真: (65) 512-6345 9605
      Email: info@fct.com.sg

    • If you have any questions or need for more detailed information, please feel free to contact us via phone, fax or email. The following form is a convienient way to contact us via email, do fill in your particular, thanks.