Our Services

We provide an integrated solution to our customers

We provide an integrated solution to our customer. Base on your product drawing, we will design the precision tooling base on your requirement on quality and quantity.

With our 20 years and more experience in high-speed tooling design, we are able to produce the stamping tools in a short period of time. As we have all the essential fabrication support machines in-house, our turnaround time is very short.

With our spares capacity in precision fabrication of spares like punch and die, we also support our customer with all these precision carbide or steel replacement spares.


We are committed to constantly improve our process in order to improve the quality and output. Our comprehensive range of machine and equipment include the following:

  • Tool Design
  • Profile Grinding Machines
  • Wirecut and EDM Machine
  • CNC Machining Centre
  • Jig Grinding Machine
  • Milling and Grinding Machine
  • Bandolier Pin Presses
  • Bruderer Presses
  • Kyori Presses