Information On Demand

information-on-demand Today’s consumers and business partners want information on demand. We require specific data as it becomes relevant and demand that it is sensitive to the channel through which we make the requests. Fuelled by our increasing reliance upon the internet and the expansive growth in mobile devices, information on demand is expected in every dimension.

For any organisation, supplying dynamic information services places considerable strain on its human resources, but to ignore these needs and not develop an offering would be to risk losing out to the competition. For example, the speed and accuracy of the response to an initial enquiry forms the very first impression of your organisation.

TaskCentre® provides a range of tools to develop and maintain highly configurable and user defined ‘subscription based services or request-response’ mechanisms that integrate tightly into any organisation’s databases and information systems. The development of a ‘self-service’ infrastructure to automate the delivery of information is accelerated. Furthermore, TaskCentre® enables any organisation to easily adapt and evolve to the constantly changing face of customer requirements.

Subscriptions and Request services developed through TaskCentre® include:


  • Balance enquiry
  • Credit status


  • Job completion date changes
  • Employee shortfalls

Logistics and Operations

  • Current stock availability
  • Overdue orders subscriptions

Human Resources

  • Holiday availability
  • Training course subscriptions

Customer Services

  • Next support call request
  • Overdue calls support

Sales and Marketing

  • Price changes
  • Property details

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