Systems Integration

systems-integration Organisations now require business applications that ‘talk to each other’ or that can be updated dynamically with credit management, sales and marketing or property details from online data services. Indeed, data or application integration has never been more fundamental to the success of today’s business and the TaskCentre Business Process Management (BPM) Suite has a proven track record of addressing these challenges.

TaskCentre® bridges the gap between disparate information systems or online web services, by providing a graphical process modeller and comprehensive operating environment that either dramatically reduces, or totally eliminates the need for complex integration development. By design TaskCentre® delivers and manages process integration, ensuring that systems ‘play nicely’, no matter how complex the requirements.

Integration services developed through TaskCentre® include:


  • Update credit scores via web services
  • Lodge a payment dispute


  • New product specifications
  • Changes to raw material prices

Logistics and Operations

  • Preferred delivery dates
  • Undelivered/faulty materials

Human Resources

  • Update personnel details
  • Employee payment data

Customer Services

  • Self-service ticketing
  • Customer satisfaction feedback

Sales and Marketing

  • Automated unsubscribes
  • AccountUpdate name and address via web services

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