Web Content Publishing

web-content-publishing Communicating with company stakeholders and ensuring that they have access to and visibility of relevant information is vital in the current competitive environment. Cost-effective communication will help to develop long-term beneficial relationships and contribute to future organisational growth.

Within an organisation, valuable knowledge typically resides in ring-fenced information ‘islands’, often within departmental or organisational boundaries. However, making this information more widely accessible to employees, partners, customers and other stakeholders is labour-intensive and cost prohibitive.

Using TaskCentre®’s Web Content Publishing capabilities, online information can be automatically generated, published and updated according to user-defined rules.

Illustrations of how clients are using TaskCentre®’s Web Content Publishing capability include:


  • Publishing of KPI’s
  • Live customer account statements


  • Job status information
  • Capacity levels

Logistics and Operations

  • Drop history
  • Manifest lists

Human Resources

  • Holiday entitlements
  • Company car association/details

Customer Services

  • Current queue status
  • Outstanding support calls

Sales and Marketing

  • End-of-line items
  • Inactive clients

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